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Martinique Guadeloupe Vanilla


Photo: Vanilla Pompona from Guadeloupe is also known as vanillon or banana vanilla (due to its shape).  It has a lower vanillin content (major component of the flavour) but develops an incomparable aromatic palette. It is defined by very pronounced liquorice, coumarin, and fresh tobacco leaf notes with buttery and floral flavour in the background. This vanilla is grown in the northern region of Basse-Terre under the canopy of the tropical forest in a soil rich in organic matter.

Pod width: over 1.5 cm.

Pod Length: 7 - 15 cm.

Use :
Macaroons, fruit salads, puddings.
Exquisite with game and when used in low temperature cooking.

Our opinion:  Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Difficult to find pods that have actually been grown here as the pods marketed are not necessarily locally grown.   Local production is really very low, which is a shame as it has amazing potential in the image of Tahiti vanilla which has found opportunities for a rare and premium product.

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