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Artificial vanilla

Artificial flavouring: Ethyl vanillin

COMPOSITION Artificial compound that imitates the flavour of natural vanilla
Vanillin content -
 (Labelling) Ethyl-vanillin
may not be called natural vanillin
OUR OPINION At an equivalent weight, it has an aromatic power that is 3 - 4 times superior to that of natural vanillin and is much cheaper (10 - 15 times).


Vanilla flavouring // Artificial vanilla flavouring

COMPOSITION Vanilla substitute containing no natural vanilla. These are synthetic compounds
Vanillin content No minimum
 (Labelling) Vanilla flavouring and/or Artificial vanilla flavouring
FRAUD Marketing a vanilla flavouring under the label of natural vanilla flavouring
OUR OPINION Vanilla flavouring sometimes only has the label

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