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Commercial forms

  • 100% natural Vanilla

    Vanilla pods

    COMPOSITION100% vanilla pods. Packaging should mention the species (Vanilla planifolia / Vanilla tahitensis) and the origin (producing country)
    Vanillin content2% minimum except for Vanilla Tahitensis (Tahiti vanilla).
     Tolerance on lower vanillin content (1.6%)
    REGULATIONS (Labelling)Vanilla and/or Natural Vanilla

    1/ The most common fraud is refreshing old vanilla pods by soaking them in a solution which can have an artificial vanillin base.

    2/ Artificially forming hoarfrost on the pods (obtained by soaking pods in artificial vanillin) is not, in principle, considered fraud even if the process is questionable.

    OUR OPINIONFavour this form of presentation


    Vanilla Powder

    COMPOSITIONGround 100% natural vanilla
    Vanillin content2% minimum
    REGULATIONS (Labelling)Vanilla powder
    FRAUDAnother substance added to the vanilla
    OUR OPINIONAn alternative to the conventional presentation in pods.
    Easy to use
  • Natural Vanilla with/without additive

    Natural Vanilla Flavouring

    COMPOSITIONA more or less liquid extract obtained from pods using an extraction solvent (single or mixed), water, ethanol, or isopropanol.
    Vanillin contentMinimum of 2 g of vanillin per kg (0.2%) and/or use of a minimum of 15% of vanilla pods
    REGULATIONS (Labelling)Vanilla extract
    FRAUD1/ Artificial vanillin added
    2/ Packaging does not show the equivalence in pods

    Prefer an "extract" (must have been extracted from the pod) to "natural flavouring" (natural but not necessarily made from the source mentioned).

    Easy to use


    Spent vanilla

    COMPOSITIONThis is a vanilla where most of the aromatic principles have been extracted. The vanilla is ground and reused (nothing in common with powdered vanilla).
    Vanillin contentnear 0%.
    FRAUDThe use of the word VANILLA associated with the word SPENT constitutes a fraud within the strict meaning of Circular no. 5387 of 17/07/78 of the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Prevention of Fraud (DGCCRF) Paragraph 1.1 Vanilla and, in compliance with the Decree of 20 May 1996, vanilla must be correctly processed to develop its characteristic aroma and none of the necessary stages in this process should be omitted ... *(It is not so much its use that constitutes a fraud than the use of inconsistent terms which could mislead the consumer)
    OUR OPINIONSame colour and appearance as vanilla. Once ground it perfectly imitates the black vanilla seeds. It is primarily a visual marker. Use of flavouring (artificial or natural) to compensate for the lack of taste is essential.


    Vanilla sugar

    COMPOSITIONSugar + powdered vanilla
    Vanillin contentMinimum of 4% of vanilla pods.
    REGULATIONS (Labelling)Vanilla sugar
    FRAUDLittle incentive for fraud
    OUR OPINIONEasy use for a 2 in 1 product.
    Value for money


    Vanilla syrup

    COMPOSITIONAlthough vanilla syrup is neither an extract nor an aroma it does copy their composition but generally contains less vanilla.
    Vanillin content-
    REGULATIONS (Labelling)It must contain natural vanilla to be able to call itself vanilla syrup
    OUR OPINIONA lot of sugar and water and only a little bit of vanilla.
    A good tasting food product all the same


    Vanilla Paste

    COMPOSITIONProduct in the form of a more or less viscous paste
    Vanillin content-
    REGULATIONS (Labelling)-
    OUR OPINIONReserved for professional use
  • Artificial vanilla

    Artificial flavouring: Ethyl vanillin

    COMPOSITIONArtificial compound that imitates the flavour of natural vanilla
    Vanillin content-
    REGULATIONS (Labelling)Ethyl-vanillin
    may not be called natural vanillin
    OUR OPINIONAt an equivalent weight, it has an aromatic power that is 3 - 4 times superior to that of natural vanillin and is much cheaper (10 - 15 times).


    Vanilla flavouring // Artificial vanilla flavouring

    COMPOSITIONVanilla substitute containing no natural vanilla. These are synthetic compounds
    Vanillin contentNo minimum
    REGULATIONS (Labelling)Vanilla flavouring and/or Artificial vanilla flavouring
    FRAUDMarketing a vanilla flavouring under the label of natural vanilla flavouring
    OUR OPINIONVanilla flavouring sometimes only has the label
  • Vanillin Same Nature

    Natural vanillin from another source

    COMPOSITIONThis is a natural substance obtained from ferulic acid found in rice
    Vanillin content-
    REGULATIONS (Labelling)

    Natural vanillin is obtained using a biotechnological process on a source other than vanilla.
    Natural flavouring substance

    FRAUDIt is very tempting to market this vanillin as produced by a pod. Exact reproduction of natural vanillin, it does not, however, have all the aromas of a vanilla pod as a pod is not solely constituted of vanillin but has over a hundred components. Adding this vanillin to that produced by pods is almost undetectable in practice.
    OUR OPINIONAn interesting alternative to natural vanilla whose main advantage, in addition to its ease of use, is that it ensures price stability for the food industry.
  • Natural vanilla Concentrated

    Vanilla oleoresin

    COMPOSITIONExtraction process identical to that used for vanilla extracts.
    3 kg of vanilla pods are used to obtain 1 kg of oleoresin (called vanilla 30x).
    The product obtained can be more or less pasty.
    Vanillin contentAt least 6% of vanilla in oleoresin 30x
    REGULATIONS Labelling)-

    Mainly used by the food industry and is not intended for home use.
    Significant loss of aromatic components during the manufacturing process.


    Vanilla Absolute

    COMPOSITIONProduct derived from the technique described above but waxes, tannins, and other substances still present in the oleoresin are removed for an optimal concentration of vanillin.
    Vanillin content-
    REGULATIONS (Labelling)-
    OUR OPINIONMainly used in the perfume industry.

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